When was Contempo founded?

Contempo was founded in 1986 


Who is the founder of Contempo?

Mrs. Fenty Gozali


Where is Contempo head office located?

Contempo head office is located in Danau Sunter Barat Blok A4 no 11,  Jakarta 14350, Indonesia


How many stores does Contempo have?

Contempo has a few hundreds outlet in department stores and over 30 stand alone stores and factory outlets


Where can I find a Contempo store?

You can use our store locator to search by city 


Is it possible to get a poster from Contempo’s latest campaign?

For copyright reasons, we are unable to supply pictures from our campaigns and adverts.


Is it possible for me/my company to open a Contempo store?

Franchising is not yet a part of our expansion strategy


How do I become a model for Contempo?

Contempo work model agencies and freelance models when choosing their models.If you are interested in modeling for us please send your photos and vital stats to our head office